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"We are getting special cases that glow in the dark. I don’t know where the factory is—Diplo won’t say—but I think it’s in California ‘cause he said he was going today and he also flew to Cali today so I’m trying to put two and two together."

Riff Raff muses on the whereabouts of his Neon Icon CD cases.


"It’s an audio treasure for women and children of all ages to listen to and enjoy at the breakfast table for motivation in the home as well as the work place. It will be cherished for ages."

Riff Raff gets humble about “Real Boyz.”


"Skrillex gets in there and just starts making things happen, I get in there and start drinking."

Riff Raff’s Sessions With Skrillex Fueled by Barefoot Bubbly Champagne


"Drake is a legend like myself and he is so talented and loved and he has an excellent understanding of how iconic I have finally become and how Financially Progressively Valuable I’m about to be. Our songs will be all hits."