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Doppelgangaz ‘HARK’

Stream what’s likely to be one of my albums of the year here. Then read on for the duo’s highly important musings on Drake and cows and cats. 

What’s the meaning behind all the cows that feature in the “Oh Well” video?

EP: We tried to tie in the fact that you look at human beings and we pretty much have the free will to do what we please and make any types of decisions we want. Then you have animals like cows. Whether or not a cow is on a farm or not, they barely do anything; they don’t do a damn thing. Yet at the end of the day we’re all heading to the same place. Credit to Drake, you might as well get that YOLO lifestyle going on ‘cause, honestly man, who knows what happens after this? You look at a cow, you don’t have to live like that being bound behind a metal fence eating out of a trough. You might as well get that YOLO, player!

Matter ov Fact: We like to find a cool spot and document it when we’re in video mode. The cows were just literally on the road, hanging over. Also, I feel like it adds to the dramatics of the track: The cows are there but they’re gonna end up in the slaughterhouse and however you wanna put it everyone’s gonna die so enjoy yourself on Earth.

If the Doppelgangaz had an animal as a mascot, what would it be?

Matter ov Fact: That would have to be a shark, definitely.

EP: I guess the appropriate answer would be a shark, but if it was up to me, I’m a cat lover. I’d have a nice sweet little cat. We’re just nice guys who like to eat, relax and chill.