Phillip Mlynar

Apr 17

The Story of Rawkus Records

I got to put together an oral history of the Rawkus label for MySpace. Here’s a nugget from DJ Premier:

"I remember Busta Rhymes happened to be with us while recording "Mathematics." I sold drugs for a short period in my earlier years—not that it came to anything—but I knew my mathematics and I remember Mos Def was breaking down the ounces turning into a kilo and he was a little off with one of the numbers. Busta was like, "Hey, did you hear what he just said?" We rewound the tape and he was right. It was just one number but Busta caught it. And with that beat for "Mathematics," I remember Scarface saying, "Man, if he don’t do a song to that I want that. I have never heard a beat like that in my life." I love that beat."

Apr 07

Presenting the 28-Course Action Bronson Tasting Menu

Mar 18

“It was crazy ‘cause it wasn’t a hip-hop club when we went there — it was house music. New York in ‘89 had Jungle Brothers come out with “I’ll House You” and the shift of hip-hop changed — hip-hop became hip-house, that’s what the fuck they was calling it!” — Onyx’s Fredro Starr reminisces about The Tunnel.

Mar 13

Beastie Boys Square Is Probably Definitely Not Happening

R.I.P. French Fry

Mar 10


Mar 05

“Lately though, with the rise of this dollar pizza shit and whatever, it’s like there’s dollar pizza and there’s gourmet pizza but no real like New York pizzerias left — well, at least in Manhattan, there are out in Queens. Now I’m getting back on my pizza game; if I see a real New York pizza place I’ll definitely go in there. It’s just better than what a lot of people think is pizza.” — Lakutis going deep on the pizza game.

Feb 25

The Making Of Little Brother’s The Listening

"I had a radio show at Duke University called After The Smoke Clears and 9th would come through with beats. The urban department of our radio show used to do a battle called “Duel Of The Iron Mics” and that’s where I met Phonte at—he ended up winning a couple of battles. I used to have guys call up and they’d freestyle from home over the phone; I had one guy who used to call and freestyle from his cab.”

More inside chat about The Listening over at MySpace.

Feb 18

“The answer was gorgonzola, asiago and feta.” — Very vital talk concerning the cheeses on Peace Kehd with the Doppelgangaz.